7 Mai 2018
New project of the inCentea group is born with the eyes in the world

There are Portuguese companies that do not make sense without the international markets. When they are born, they have already entered into their genetic code this brand of work across borders, as is the case with widepartner SA, a company of the inCentea group.This is a new project that results from a partnership of companies already existing in the market, and already present in four countries, namely in Portugal, Spain, Brazil and Mozambique. It was created to work essentially with Sage management software, a software that presents itself with international characteristics.

"Sage is itself a multinational of software," says Miguel Lopes, one of the administrators of the new project, noting that the new company comes up with a new designation to allow "a new identity in terms of marketing, unique and international, towards to respond to new international markets. "

Up to now, inCentea has worked mainly with Primavera, a software of great reference, directed essentially to the Portuguese and PALOP markets, more precisely Cape Verde, Angola, São Tomé and Moçambique. With the adoption of the Sage X3, widepartner presents its clients with more global solutions "directed, for example, to Portuguese companies that need software that accompanies them in the internationalization process for countries other than the PALOP", for example, Latin America, North America, Northern Europe, the Maghreb, the Far and Middle East and many other different geographies.

There is also, according to the company's administrator, another market covered by this software. "We want to cover multi-country companies, that is, with businesses in multiple countries, or locations, which may be large multinationals or companies with internationalization processes in several countries."

As an example, Miguel Lopes talks about an internationalization project that widepartner has in hand with a German company, which has offices in Barcelona and Porto, and needs international software. "It is a company from another country with which we do not even work, but that came to work in a country where we have intervention, settling in Porto, and for which we are installing software that can be extended to other geographies where company is, "explains Miguel Lopes.

The company's goal is to become a global Sage partner, with skills to extend its market to countries where it is not yet active. "We want to help our customers wherever they are," he says. "We have a French customer who has a company in the north of Portugal and intends to go to Mexico, taking with him a solution we have developed for the floor area of ​​the factory in the production sector," he exemplifies. "We will install additional software, our development, that is, we will extend our project from Portugal to Mexico," says Miguel Lopes.

The Leiria company aims to continue to find partners in countries where it is already present or in new geographies, with a particular interest in attracting customers that have multi-location, "this is a strategic vector for the company."

This interest arises because, according to Miguel Lopes, "in the Sage universe, this logic of global partners is still very embryonic. "The widepartner is one of the first global partners in the Sage universe. There are French partners who are in France, partners in the Anglo-Saxon universe who are in one or two countries of their universe, but we are trying to have a more global intervention. " Miguel Lopes reveals, however, that the company began, naturally, by the countries of greater proximity, such as Spain, or by Portuguese-speaking countries, such as Brazil or Mozambique.

Miguel Lopes says he wants to "add value through inCentea's transmitted capacity to be in countries with local people and culture. It's a feature we've been able to bring to the Sage project as global partners. "

SAGE is no more than "a complete ERP, with a special feature very oriented towards the production management, of industrial companies, which are a good part of the global business fabric", says the entrepreneur.