SAGE XRT Treasury

A management solution that allows you to have a complete view of your finances.

SAGE XRT helps companies carry out treasury, cash management and online banking tasks.

This tool makes secure, bidirectional and multinational communication between banks and your company.


  • Real-time cash management
  • Elaboration and monitoring of the treasury budget
  • Safely transfer financial data
  • The universal payment platform
  • Flexible and effective bank reconciliation

Benefits for your company:

  • Complete cash flow management coverage;
  • Reduction of processing costs;
  • Complete automation of financial processes;
  • Recovery of relationships with customers and suppliers;
  • Improves and allows a global view of your liquidity;
  • Compliance with local and international laws;

Sage XRT is an RGPD Ready solution.

All modules of the Sage XRT Treasury range operate autonomously or connected with other modules. In this way, it limits the inputs and benefits from a fully integrated solution.