Case Study Grupo Valco
6 Out 2021

Case Study Grupo Valco

Sage ERP X3 Implementation

The Grupo Valco is a company in the wood sector that integrates from the forestry area to felling, transport and transformation to the final product.

The company has around 70 000m2, employs 150 people and has a turnover of around 20 million euros.

With the commitment to the company's global investment in order to strengthen itself as a reference in Industry 4.0, the Grupo Valco trusted widepartner to develop technological tools, such as the Sage X3 software, which allowed them to obtain reliable perceptions about costs, performance the stages of your business adjusted to the preferences and workflow of the company in a cloud platform, secure and with mobile access to data.

The Challenge

In 2008, all the companies that were part of Valco were integrated into a single group, the Valco Group. The challenge of having different IT systems in each of the organizations led the Valco Group to look for a unified solution that would comply with international restrictions, simplifying compliance with different currencies, regions, languages ​​and regulations.

"It was unbearable to maintain this structure. This obviously made us seek to have a single, integrated solution in a single language across the entire Group company.
Sage X3 is bringing this to us."

Hugo Oliveira - CIO, Grupo Valco

The Partner

Widepartner was chosen as a partner based on its vast experience in the industry sector, which it brought and applied to the Valco Group, in addition to its broad and specialized capacity in the integration of the Sage X3 solution adapted to the challenges of its customers' businesses.

"We brought the experience of our own partner in the industrial area in what is our sector and to what is our reality."
Hugo Oliveira - CIO, Grupo Valco

“Widepartner has an extraordinary ability to go everywhere on the X3. This is an experience of a partner that also has a lot of scope and widepartner has really brought this to us.”
Hugo Oliveira - CIO, Grupo Valco

Reasons for the Sage X3 selection

  • By capturing reliable data and real-time access (machine identification, times, materials used/consumption, employee, etc.;);
  • Due to the technology involved in the Sage X3 solution, as a 100% online web platform;
  • Due to the ERP's ability to integrate with vertical solutions specialized in its sector, such as the Shop Floor;
  • For the centralization of data and the transversal language of several geographies.

    With Sage X3 Grupo Valco is able to have updated information in real time, better monitor market challenges and provide informed data for faster decision-making.


"Sage x3 allows us not only to look at what the current difficulties of the market are, but also through its tools it allows it to be a mobile platform, a web platform, a platform that allows us to integrate with other tools, so we are ready to look for the future with confidence."
Hugo Oliveira - CIO, Grupo Valco


Company: Grupo Valco
Activity: Producer in the area of ​​Woods and Derivatives and Glass Transformer.
Locations: Portugal |  Angola

Case Study Grupo Valco