12 Mar 2018

Sistemas Ideais is now widepartner

With the ambition of being a Global SAGE Partner, the widepartner is born.

Following a strategy of growth and diversification, we announce a new project, which results from a partnership of companies already existing in the market, among them Ideal Systems, inCentea España and Ottech, the widepartner is born, with the ambition to be a Global SAGE Partner, which is already present in four countries: Portugal, Spain, Brazil and Mozambique.

This project, which is now beginning, aims to be a reference partner in each of the countries where it is present, reinforcing the geographic scope already existing within them.

Ideal Systems will become a widepartner, without this implying any change in the relationship with our customers and will continue to work to provide the best service.

We are available for any further clarification. Count on us to define the best solutions for your company.

The management.