22 Mai 2019
widepartner was present at the 2º Edition of TEG CAMPUS. The biggest Technologic event of Equatorial Guinea

TEG Campus is a technologic event promoted by the Ministry of Transport, Posts and Telecommunications of Equatorial Guinea and organized by GITGE (Telecommunications Management Infrastructure Equatorial Guinea), with the aim of uniting in the same space promoters and talents, creating a professional network in the world of telecommunications.

This event focuses on people related to information technology, innovation, science, creativity, entrepreneurship and digital entertainment Equatorial Guinea. The most common activities revolve around various content, including conferences and workshops, manufacturers, development and programming, design, free software, entrepreneurship, multimedia, video game design, video games, multiplayer games.

The widepartner as a global partner of Sage, sponsor and active part of this event, gave two workshops and participated in a conference, with themes related to Sage Enterprise Management in the world of ERP and CRM.