8 Jul 2020
widepartner in the C1 Learn & Drive Trophy Championship

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The first race of the 2020 C1 Trophy started last weekend of the 5th and 6th of July and took place at the Autodrome Internacional do Algarve broadcast live on the Facebook of the C1 Trophy and on the Motor Sponsor YouTube channel, marked for the emotion from the beginning to the end of the competition.

There were 40 teams in the first round of the C1 Trophy who returned to the tracks after a long break due to confinement.

Organized by Motor Sponsor, and with attention to compliance with safety rules, this race is aimed at teams and companies composed of 3 to 6 drivers, divided into categories, this year called PRO, AM and GUEST, with 6 hour races that take place in the 3 permanent circuits of Portugal: Braga, Estoril and Portimão.

Like previous years, widepartner sponsors the João Gomes, Lda garage, Porsche specialist since 1960, in this competitive journey of the C1 Trophy.

The two companies project in this competition the constant valorization in reaching the goal of each stage, in the formation of race drivers taking the first steps in cars with less power and accompanying them until the high cylinder capacity, as in the business when supporting the companies in the its start-up phase until reaching the Enterprise segment, as is the case with widepartner.

Widepartner, one of Sage's leading strategic partners, supports surrounding communities by encouraging growth and technological innovation.