22 Mai 2020
What to expect from companies in Post COVID? HFA reveals its vision to us.


In recent months, we have faced iconic companies suspending their operations, small and medium-sized companies closing and thousands of people confined to work at home.

Despite the unpleasant scenario, in the midst of this urgent existence, we were also able to observe both companies and people reinventing themselves, being supportive in their communities, directing their capacities to other sectors of activity, in the perspective of fighting the pandemic and others to adapt the structure of their business in order to reach their customers.

COVID-19 accelerated Digital Transformation, the entry of new technologies and connected experiences, which helped to reinforce automation and corporate mobility in offices, factories, services and in our lives.

In this new phase where we are preparing to establish the “new normal” of professional, personal and economic life, we interviewed Carlos Alves, HFA Director, who brings us his opinion on the impact of COVID-19 on companies.


widepartner – “What is your opinion of the impacts of the current“ Covid-19 ”scenario?”

Carlos Alves, HFA Director - “In our companies, we activated the Contingency Plan and we have been working though, with some casualties. People who had kids in schools, day care centers, etc., stayed at home, some are in home office.

We have Customers, namely from France, who asked us to increase production capacity because they need the equipment (linked to the health area). Automotive customers are postponing deliveries. ”

widepartner – "Can technology help get around?"

Carlos Alves, Director of HFA - “Yes, but it is necessary to understand the potential and limitations and implications of technologies in operations and business. Digital transformation and technological automation can be a strategy to accelerate recovery and growth. But, how to convince decision makers which technology to use and which is worthwhile? what tools to use? to hire? or develop in-site? Do employees have the necessary training? It also depends on the size and business models. ”

widepartner – "Will companies reinvent themselves?"

Carlos Alves, Administrator of HFA - “For some, as for services, yes. This experience of forced teleworking that is taking place, may be the trigger for more use.
We have to see the profitability of this process. Manufacturing companies can be driven to invest in robotics to minimize a future pandemic.”

widepartner – "What observations would you like to make to companies?"

Carlos Alves, Director of HFA - “Companies that have equipment to sell, have to invest more in training / pilots / dissemination so companies can set up a system based on digital.
You have to bet on practical examples of what is already possible to do with Artificial Intelligence, Collaborative Robotics, Artificial vision, Smart factory, among others, without forgetting the cyber security.”



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