12 Mai 2020
webinar | Treasury management in times of uncertainty

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The widepartner invites you to watch the free Sage webinar, on May 26, at 10 am, with the theme "Treasury Management in times of uncertainty".
This online event brings together a group of specialists in the area, from companies such as VODAFONE, Hinday, CCIP and Sage, who bring us a reflection on the management of companies' cash flow in the current scenario of uncertainty.

webinar Tesouraria

Webinar schedule

Date: May 26, 2020 | Schedule: From 10am to 11:30am | Laguage: Portuguese

10: 00am- 10: 05am | Opening session
Hugo Ferraz Oliveira - Sales Director, Sage Mid-Market
10: 05am - 10: 20am | Macro perspective of the impact that COVID will have on Portuguese SMEs
Bruno Bobone - Chairman, Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry
10: 20h - 10: 40h | The importance of a Business Continuity Plan in Treasury Management
João Afonso - Treasury Manager, Vodafone Portugal
10: 40h - 11: 00h | The next turn
Luis Filipe Pereira - Finance and Treasury, Hyundai
11: 00h - 11: 15h | How to prepare your organization for times of uncertainty in the treasury
Nuno Cabrita - Presales Specialist at Sage
11: 15h - 11: 30h | Questions and answers

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