18 Abr 2023
A Vida Group is betting on the use of Sage X3 with the help of widepartner.

A Vida Group is betting on the use of Sage X3 with the help of widepartner.

Founded in 2005, A Vida Group is a Galician company based in Lugo, Spain, which started as a specialist in continuous cement coatings, exploring and improving the different qualities of their material to create new finishes for unique spaces and pieces with distinctive textures and colors. 

In 2020, they were recognized for their innovative approach in the construction industry and the possibilities of their coatings. That's when La Nena emerged as a new retail concept.

They have their own workshops in Lugo, with teams of craftsmen, designers, and architects who preserve tradition while keeping an eye on innovation and new technologies, allowing them to develop endless decorative solutions. A Vida Group is a company known for its unique craftsmanship and its extensive collection of finishes and production versatility, closely linked to innovation and sustainability.

A Vida Group Challenges

"The most important challenge is standardizing work processes for all departments of the company. Improving control and obtaining real-time information."

Benefits of Sage X3

"With Sage X3, we have a technologically tailored solution to current needs. It's a flexible solution that allows us to grow, with integration in different areas of the company: accounting, logistics, manufacturing, ... Each user has the necessary information at their fingertips to easily perform their daily work and be productive."

Near Future 

A Vida Group will continue to grow in 2023. Currently, the company has a team of over 200 employees, with a presence in Spain, Andorra, Italy, the Netherlands, Mexico, Colombia, the United Arab Emirates, and China.
They are currently in the process of expansion and, during this year and the next, they will establish themselves in numerous countries to consolidate their production capacity.