4 Dez 2020
Sage X3 operates in the business continuity of the wine producer J.H. Andresen

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Case Study J.H.Andresen

The management of the vineyard or winery is an increasingly technological task and, despite the constraints caused by the pandemic of COVID-19 in the global market, the wine sector has been able to adapt to changes.

In a market that has been growing in recent years, heavily influenced by tourism, widepartner and JH Andresen bring to the conversation, in a context of resilience, the role of the transformation of operational processes applied in the Portuguese producer of Port wine houses, to overcoming the challenges of this sector.

With 40 hectares of A-rated vineyards that guarantee the excellence of the monst premium Port wines of the Andresen range, Carlos Flores, managing partner of JH Andresen highlighted as challenges of this market the traceability, the identification of objective metrics for business control and the specific requirements in this activity, regarding to legal compliance. He considered them as the main factors for choosing a solution that would optimize production, as was the case with the Sage X3 software, and guarantee the quality of the products, which has been maintained from generation to generation.

Faced with the current pandemic environment, the official evidenced that in the administrative area “what happened to everyone, which was rotating shifts, we opted for teleworking, etc., therefore, according to all requirements”, already in the case production “was strongly conditioned (…).”

To overcome this barrier, JH Andresen distinguished Sage management software as one of the measures taken for the business continuity, clarifying that “not only has Sage X3 been important as a work tool, but because today we have practically all of our activity integrated .".

As a partner in this project, Abílio Veiga, administrator of widepartner, explained that changes were also introduced in the implementation procedure to deliver a remote and applicable service in a short period of time. He also shared that - “The management tools made available in the ERP Sage X3 technology help companies in setting priorities on their operations, making them digital, more efficient and supporting cooperation between teams, from the operational point of view to financial. ”

“Computer tools are key these days. For us, it is certainly one of the priority areas at this moment ”- acknowledged Carlos Flores, managing partner of J.H. Andresen in a final observation about the technological future.

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