14 Jan 2021
Precision agriculture - Innovating the agricultural sector

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Precision agriculture is the cultivation practice where technologies aimed at productive efficiency, sustainability and controlled quality are used in productions in the agrifood sector.

The digital world is no exception in agriculture, in this model it is usual to see the use of autonomous systems and intelligent machinery, where in the so-called era of industry 4.0, it is a relevant production factor to be considered by agribusiness entrepreneurs who seek to increase the profitability of crops and reduce wasted resources.

How Precision Agriculture is applied

Extensive regions can often have similar characteristics, however some factors such as soil characteristics, for example, can vary from one small area to another. This includes precision irrigation equipment (drip), mechanized harvesting, probes or software such as Sage X3 that help to define and control specific quantities of fertilizers, irrigation or other inputs.

Technology in agriculture

Drones and automated equipment

The use of drones, small equipment piloted by unmanned remote control and equipped with a camera, allows precise overflights to map properties to monitor animals, improve spraying, and detect the presence of pests. This resource becomes very useful, able to be customized according to the needs of the producer and whose investment is relatively low. Other Equipment such as tractors, fertilizers, sprayers can be remote controlled and programmed to operate in specific areas of cultivation.


The sensors collect information from the environment in which they are installed, together with integrated systems that generate important data from crop analysis systems such as soil conditions, humidity, temperature, plant fertility, weather conditions, pest infestation, among others.

Management systems

Management systems are one of the main technologies to overcome challenges in agribusiness logistics. Integrated software, such as Sage X3, collects and stores detailed data that makes industries more efficient and sustainable.
In the case of agriculture, it consists in the installation, in the fields of cultivation, of sensors that transmit information to mobile devices, providing businessmen and producers in the sector with reliable and real-time information on agricultural activity.

With the ERP Sage X3 the information collected ranges from reports of% quality, estimated production, production lines, consumption, weighing, among others, to activities that spend more time, such as issuing invoices, stocks and distribution. Through this software, invoices can be received, issued and organized in a much more practical and automatic way.

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