14 Jan 2021
Industry 4.0 | Digitization in agriculture

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What technologies do producers have available to meet market challenges?


When we talk about industry 4.0 in agriculture, we refer to integrated digital technologies that allow the digitization of production and data capture processes, such as climate, soil conditions, precipitation, among others, in real time, enabling agricultural producers to increase the profitability in production and reduce the waste of resources used.

The step towards productive efficiency

The use of technology in agriculture is an important factor for the future, as it favors agricultural producers with new management practices and equipment, which focus on collecting detailed information on cultivation, such as irrigation forecasting and reporting, etc., making the farmer aware of the diversity of factors existing in the same area, and so that he can make better decisions on problems that may arise in the plantations.

Advantages of Agriculture 4.0 for farmers

• Monitoring of agricultural production - Through technologies available on the market such as sensors, drones, cameras and geolocation devices, farmers are able to monitor the current state of the harvest on the spot and from any location or device.

• Increased productivity - Precision agriculture technologies give the manager full control over operations and better harvests, in order to anticipate pests, plant fertility and other problems.

• Waste reduction - With the use of automated systems, for example, it is possible to reduce the loss of grains or to avoid replanting seeds, thus encouraging sustainability and efficiency in agricultural production.

• Cost reduction - With the increase in profitability and the reduction of waste, farmers are able to reduce the costs associated with the entire operation.

In short, technological evolution has become a crucial factor for the producer and leads to the modernization of companies, in which several devices and systems are available, such as the Sage X3 software, capable of collecting, measuring and analyzing different relevant data to optimize time and resources of your business.

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