24 Out 2023
The Importance of Management Systems in the Cultivation Process

In the cultivation of Cannabis plants, environmental factors play a crucial role, with even slight variations in temperature, humidity, and light significantly impacting growth and quality. Selecting the right nutrients and fertilizers, along with precise dosing, is essential for ensuring healthy plant growth.

The challenge is magnified for companies dealing with multiple Cannabis varieties from different suppliers, making the management process more complex. In this context, optimizing cultivation management is crucial for ensuring quality and consistency in the final outcome.

Key advantages of a management system:

1. Guaranteed Efficiency:
Automation of manual tasks allows monitoring of various activities such as irrigation scheduling, precise application of nutrients and fertilizers, lot and supplier management. This not only saves resources but also reduces unnecessary expenses.
Real-time access to information on the evolving state of plantations enables analysis of future trends and quick adaptation to unexpected climate changes to protect crops.
Strategic planning based on accurate data for informed decision-making.

2. Total Control at Every Business Stage:
Complete traceability throughout the plant growth process.
Stringent quality control, ensuring compliance with all standards and regulations.
Continuous improvement and implementation of progressive changes.
Management systems provide a clear path to increased operational efficiency, resource optimization, and compliance with standards.

Sage X3 for Cannabis - A Comprehensive Solution for Your Business
Managing cultivation, extraction, and processing - all in one solution.

With market knowledge gained from SAGE implementations in the Cannabis industry, widepartner's team of experts has developed a solution that covers all stages of your operations, from seed to sale, meeting all regulatory requirements and compliance along the way.

The Sage X3 for Cannabis ensures operational compliance, following EU-GMP and EU-GACP best practices specific to the Cannabis industry. It integrates all cultivation and production processes, providing a 360º view of your business for world-class traceability and control, enabling rigorous monitoring of product quality.

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