12 Jan 2021
Importance of automation in production

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Production automation connects the entire industry, from production to the sales system.


The concept of intelligent factory has been marked by technological innovations, being considered already a new Industrial Revolution, known as Industry 4.0.
In addition to centralizing and unifying all management, optimization in production also enables the fulfillment of quality requirements, which are so important and a reflection of a society with consumers who increasingly demand transparency, quality control and sustainability, among others.

The challenges of the industrial manager

In most cases, companies find it difficult to adequately cross data, at the shop floor level, as they are supported on inadequate and isolated paper or software that do not communicate with the other systems of the company.

ERP - Technology

The ERP (Enterprise Resource Planner) technology collects information through hardware systems placed on the ground, translates into a volume of data that requires large storage capacity and integration with software, thus enabling real-time consultation and analysis.
The adoption of an ERP system integrated with the machines, systems, devices, processes and people of your company, facilitates the vision of information in key areas of the production line and connects all the stakeholders giving them complete business indicators in a timely manner. , which are reflected in the improvement of productivity and profitability of resources.

Advantages of production optimization

- Optimization of operations time management;
- Reduction of waste of raw materials;
- Reduced errors and increased equipment life
- Lower costs
- More efficiency.

Sage software on the shop floor

Sage software helps you better manage inventories and production costs, analyze simplify operations and has the ability to evolve with your company.
Integrated with widepartner's Shop Floor solution allows you to:

- Time management of manufacturing operations;
- Fault identification / machine stop reasons;
- Detailed record of actual consumption and estimated for each operation;
- Quality control indexes;
- Integration of the shop floor information with the financial area, distribution chain, among others;
- Operations management, in several geographies.


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