30 Mar 2020
How to improve your company's Treasury in times of crisis

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One of the challenges of the companies' financial department is, without a doubt, treasury control and the current environment, has placed financial efficiency as one of the central themes.

How to improve your company's Treasury

Evaluate process policies

Review the process policies you practice for your core activities and perform tests to ensure your ability to trade in different markets.

Centralize Information

Information from several areas and with multiple reports, requires much longer reconciliation and analysis tasks. Centralizing the treasury department helps to have a more complete view of cash flows and risk positions, making it possible to minimize possible financial risks.

Increase cash flow forecasting accuracy

To overcome the challenges, technology brought management softwares to the market that facilitates treasury functions and its monitoring of financial results in real time.

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Treasury management is the bridge between resources and the financial health of the business.

To help you better manage your company's cash flow, we invite you to attend the free webinar: "Treasury management as a crisis vaccine", which takes place on April 16, 2020.

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