7 Mai 2018
Control the entire production process with the "Factory Floor Follow Up"

The collection of data on the shop floor works with touches on a touch screen or with barcode readers and virtual keyboards of the application itself, which allow extremely simplified operation for the user.

This application allows real-time recording of production data, namely:

  • The planning of production teams;
  • Consultation of Technical Sheets and Photos of the articles to be produced;
  • The recording of times of operations;
  • Registration of materials consumed at each stage of production;
  • Sampling planning and recording results;
  • The entry of the final product into stock.

All information on the production process is available in Sage X3 in real time, which guarantees a strict monitoring of the production stages of each product. The profitability achieved, with the handling of this information, is responsible for a notorious satisfaction of the customers who opted for the installation of the "Floor Tracking" on the Sage X3.

Some examples of the information you can register / send to ERP X3:

  • Start / End of orders of manufacture;
  • Start / end of operations;
  • Stops / reasons for stops;
  • Materials to incorporate into the machine / Consumption;
  • Production Records.

The use of reliable data derived from the collection of information from the factory floor makes it possible for industries to become more competitive against their competitors. We adapt the module to your business, talk to us.