11 Mai 2021
Case Study Euronavy Engineering

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cliente de referência Euronavy

Ensure quality and assertive response times

Euronavy Engineering is a leading national paint manufacturer in the application of innovative technology for anti-corrosion protection, such as hydroblasting and the use of solvent-free paints, based in Setúbal. It owns the most complete and advanced park of hydroblasting equipment and accessories in Portugal.
The company has national customers from all sectors such as Energy, Oil and Gas, Industry and Naval Contracting. Internationally develops, produces and supplies its products, as well as the entire Technical Service.

The change to Sage X3

With the new facilities, Euronavy had the need to have a global view of all areas of the company. The existing software, was created internally over the years, but brought some limitations, as the management was done by only one person and its use was not intuitive or transversal to other departments. It was also a factor of great importance the viability of the sage modules to integrate with the security solution of Euronavy Engineering itself.

“In a very quick way I can do a production planning. Find out if I can make that product, what the maximum quantity is, do simulations, what the cost is on the shop floor, that is, we have several options available to make production management more effective.”
João Martins – Manufacturing Director at Euronavy Engineering

cliente de referência Euronavy

Partners who overcome adversity

The company advanced with the implementation of Sage X3 in the new facilities in Portugal and, counted on widepartner for the implementation of this project. In a COVID-19 environment, the support and know-how of the information and management systems consultant Sage was essential for it to be possible to avoid setbacks and respond to the requirements of the Euronavy Engineering sector, in this way, the project was carried out on the premises 100% remotely.

The value of Sage X3 ERP technology

With the context of the pandemic, the challenge of supplying raw materials and price instability was present at Euronavy. With the Sage X3 software, the teams became more agile and with access to the necessary information in real time, which simplified the company's production management processes.

““The sage X3 has a clear function, at the same time that it is operational in the factory, it is control and traceability.”
Pedro Paiva – Executive Board Member at Euronavy Engineering


Synergies that complete a Global job.

We believe that strategic partnerships are essential for the mutual growth of organizations. With the help of the Sage PSI / IT.PowerOn Partner, it was possible to migrate Euronavy Engineering to the new Sage solutions along its growth journey. These partners contribute with their knowledge and share the same values ​​and transparency as widepartner to deliver innovative solutions that complete and respond to the challenges of our customers.

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