27 Jan 2021
Assist the finance department in budget anticipation

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Do you have difficulty in obtaining your real and forecast treasury position?
Realize how treasury software improves the responsiveness at each stage of the financial manager.


Good treasury management minimizes operational and financial risks and provides managers with elements to know what is available to place, invest or disburse.

Empower your finance department

Financial reporting is an essential tool to guide the collective performance of companies. For this, the financial manager needs reliable data for a timely analysis and for the decision making of its operations.

The use of Cloud software can be a great support in the collection of information, since it allows, for example, to scan documents such as receipts or invoices and send the data automatically to an accounting system or to workers who are out of the office, who can take a picture of the receipts at the point of purchase where they are then automatically transferred to the accounting solution.

With the Cloud Sage XRT Treasury solution, you have the ability to forecast and obtain a general and analytical summary of the possible outcomes both in revenue and expenses of your business.

Sage XRT Treasury provides the finance department with:

- Automates the Treasury and Banking Communication management processes;
- Accounting documents and information obtained from different sources automatically;
- Global perception of the company in real time in relation to cash and liquidity situations in the short and medium term;
- Saving teams time by avoiding having to cross several lists / documents to analyze the necessary information;
- Anticipating treasury variations through the preparation and monitoring of treasury budgets, analysis and forecast management;
- Centralization of cash flow information.

If your company spends a lot of time on manual administrative tasks, a Cloud financial management tool is a strategic resource and enables companies to save time on administrative tasks, provides automatic reports in real time, compatibility with local and international legislation and reinforces the security of your payments.

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