19 Jul 2021
Agora – an encounter that prepares the future

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Evento digital widepartner - empresa mais global

On the 1st of July, widepartner held the first Global Digital meeting with all those who are part of the widepartner universe. Made 100% in digital format, the technology, once again, helped to place Portugal, Spain, France, Cape Verde, Mozambique and Brazil at the same distance.

This event highlighted the brand's growth and capacity to deliver specialized solutions to new markets, and how its geographic presence has been influencing and supporting Sage partners in reaching these same markets.

With 38 Sage certifications, 63 employees and 7 technology partnerships, widepartner responds to the needs of customers spread across the Iberian Peninsula, the PALOP, Latin America, and its most recent achievement in Europe, in France.

This union and its aligned objectives in terms of market expansion, make widepartner more competitive and reinforce its continuous search to deliver more value to its customers.

About widepartner

Widepartner offers small, medium and large companies SAGE Management solutions and other technological solutions that eliminate the complexity of managing an international business, and allow companies to simplify and monitor every step of their business.

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